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Off Grid, Energy Efficient SolutionsProvision of Electrical Power tailored to client's unique need. Features include 24*7*365 Power Supply, Low/Zero Electricity Cost, Personal Energy IndependenceAlternative Power Supply Solutions, Inverters, Batteries, Gas Powered GeneratorBackup Power, Uninterruptible power supply, Remote Location
Off Grid, Energy Efficient Appliances & SystemProvision of domestic and corporate appliances capable of expending minimum amount of energy with/without electricity supply to carry out desired functions, hence enhancing energy conservation.Solar Heating, Solar Air Conditioner, DC Air Conditioner, Solar lighting systemHome, Hotels, Commercial Buildings, Malls, Estates, Highways, Streets, ATM Gallery
Lighting SystemProvision of quality illumination to achieve desired aesthetic effects with the use of LED lights which trims energy cost to the barest minimum. Up to 90% more efficient than incandescent bulbs, durable than other conventional light sources, reduces carbon footprints and enhances environmental friendliness.LED Lights & Fixture, Street Light, Bespoke - Church, Sports Complex, Malls, SignageHouseholds, Industries, Commercial Buildings, Hotels, Malls, Corporate Institutions, Schools, Religious Institutions, Hospitals, Highways, Streets etc.
Electrical ReticulationUpgrading and improvement of existing electrical installations and apparatus i.e. Replacements of Switches, Distribution boards, Earthing System Improvement etc.Cable Management, Installation of SwitchgearsNetwork Operations Centre
Energy Audits & ConsultancyComprehensive assessment of all energy needs within Households and Corporate institutions to provide sustainable alternatives and/or to help identify areas where energy can be saved to reduce operational costs and unnecessary expenditures on utility bills.Energy Audit and Analysis Report, System Design.Households, Industries, Hotels, Malls, Corporate Institutions, Schools, Religious Institutions, Hospitals etc.

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