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Energy Auditing & Analysis

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In these days of uncertainty and soaring energy prices globally, it is vital to keep operating expenses to a minimum.
Reducing unnecessary expenditures such as a portion of utility costs may just be the difference between companies that weather these difficult times and those that do not survive.

We can provide the solution with our comprehensive range of energy audits enabling you to tailor our services to your individual needs. Conducting an energy audit and analysis for your building will help you identify areas where energy savings can be made. Our audits determine the key energy drivers of your business, analysing each unit of equipment and its consumption in your organisation.

Due to the direct relationship between energy, carbon emissions and costs, our detailed energy audit will point the way to the reduction of your energy costs in excess of up to 50%. This will enable you implement energy, money and carbon saving initiatives and reduce your total over-head costs.

A.N. understands that energy is essential to businesses and that optimising energy consumption is vital for maintaining a competitive position in your industry.