We can’t deny that we’ve all read countless tips on how to save energy. From turning off the lights when you leave the house to unplugging appliances when not in use. Now the question is, do these little changes make any impact on your energy bills?

The answer is: Yes! Those little changes makes a huge difference on your energy bills and also reduces your carbon footprint.

Did you know: If every Nigerian simply replaced one light bulb with a more energy efficient light bulb like LED we would drastically reduce our  electricity consumption by 600 million naira annually

If a single light bulb can have such a major impact on our environment, now imagine what impact you can make with these quick and free changes. 

Here are our top five (5) easy ways to save energy in your home:


1.Close your drapes or drop your window shades during the day

  Keeping sunlight out of your home during hot seasons helps to keep the house cooler. Doing the opposite during cold seasons lets the warm sunlight in so you don’t have to run the thermostat all the time.


2.Wash your clothes with cold water

Washing your clothes with cold water and a full load helps you to drastically reduce your water and energy consumption.


3.   Turn off the fan when you leave a room

Contrary to popular belief, fans don’t cool the air. They only cool people by blowing warm, still air across their skin. Also, the motor on the fan actually makes the room hot. 

Just like turning off the lights and electronics when leaving the room, turn off your fan as well. This sets a good example for the younger generation that waste is never a good thing.


4. Always opt for the cold water faucet, unless you really want to use hot water

If you don’t really need hot water to run your daily activities, then use the cold water faucet more. Turning on the hot water faucet requires energy to heat the water, even if it doesn’t reach the faucet before you turn it off.

Also, avoid using hot water from the tap to cook your meals as the hot water absorbs more lead and contaminants from the pipes.


5. Wrap or cover your food and drinks in the refrigerator

When foods release moisture they make the compressor work harder to keep your food items cold. Take a few seconds to put on some plastic wrap to trap that moisture. Better yet, put that food in a reusable container with a lid to avoid having to throw away the plastic wrap.


For more quick and easy tips on how to conserve energy, feel free to reach out to us via mail or any of our socials